For professional landscaping services in Perth you need look no further than Allscapes WA.

Allscapes WA has produced beautiful, cohesive landscaping for homes and businesses since 2010. Our garden designs can include every possible element from plants to structures to systems that keep your plants fresh and green. At Allscapes WA, we bring our experience, your needs, and the beautiful environment together to create landscape masterpieces.

Experienced Perth Team

Perth’s climate is the best in the world for being outdoors. Our long rainless summers, however, can really create problems for even the hardiest of gardens. Allscapes WA’s landscape team fully understand Perth’s weather and will give you a beautiful and climate-resistant gardens. We can create a stunning native Western Australian style garden, but also bring expertise in Balinese, Japanese, Mediterranean, or other styles you may desire.

Our Landscape Design Services

Allscapes WA believes in creating an impressive, unique, and climate-resistant design. We can add value and entertainment possibilities to homes, or give your business an updated landscape design.
The long hot summers of Perth require that we don’t just provide stunning foliage, but also a system to sustain them. Allscapes WA has an experienced team that understands how to create reticulation and/or irrigation systems that keep residential and commercial landscapes green and in beautiful bloom all year.
Some customers desire a beautiful garden for aesthetics and entertaining but are hesitant to invest because of allergies or maintenance costs. Our landscaping team can bring the full beauty and style of a natural garden but with allergy-free, low-maintenance artificial foliage and grass.

Other Services We Provide

At Allscapes WA, great landscape design does not end with flowers, bushes, and trees. We make sure that all needed and wanted features in the landscape fit into a pleasing and functional plan. Each plan takes into account the unique features and needs of each landscape. If the landscape contains slopes, we will determine whether or not retaining walls meet your needs. Replacing a bare slope with a retaining wall can save maintenance money and effort in the long run. We also offer a variety of materials selected to suit the surroundings. For example, we will match older homes with a limestone retaining wall to create a balanced effect.

Many times, designs neglect to provide plans to create walkways and patios that are both beautiful and long lasting. We can provide brick paving for walkways, driveways, around swimming pools, and other entertainment areas, to accentuate your space in a functional, and stunning fashion. Our experienced team create excellent paving design work for both residences and commercial customers.

Our outdoor timber decking brings a natural and stylish look to the front of the house, backyards, and any place where family and friends might gather. Our team can advise when timber decking might be preferable to brick, such as in the hotter climates.
Finally, there is no need to surround an appealing and fun landscape with old school grey HardiFence. Today, Allscapes can install fencing that matches and enhances your landscape, looking more like an extension of your design than a barrier against the outside.

Bespoke Garden Design

Allscapes WA can bring stunning design to a wide range of spaces, from a small block with limited area to a large commercial property. Our experts advise on the best use of features such as retaining walls and brick paving. Adding such items to your landscape can save you effort and money in the long term by reducing maintenance costs and individual effort. Our 35 years of combined experience adds up to the best advice possible on landscape design in and around Perth.

We also understand that both homeowners and businesses have tight schedules. Let us work together with you to try and provide a memorable landscape design on time. At Allscapes WA, we pride ourselves in creating landscape designs that give residences heightened value and function. We incorporate a full spectrum of elements to give the appearance of businesses more attractiveness and personality. Our team is ready to bring a unique design to you. Call Allscapes WA right now for a free quote.

We offer a range of landscaping services such as: