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Reasons To Choose Artificial Grass over Real Grass

artificial grass Perth

Everyone adores a beautiful landscape with bright and healthy lawn all year round. But not all of us have the time for regular maintenance to keep the lawn looking good in every season. If this is the case, you may find yourself considering synthetic or artificial grass as an alternative to real grass for your yard. Below we discuss several reasons as to why choosing artificial grass is a smart move for your front and backyards.

Look good all year round

The times when synthetic turf looked overly artificial and plain have become something of the past. Nowadays, artificial grass from high quality brands looks and feels like real grass, with much variety in terms of colors and the faux leaf-blade types. A huge advantage with fake grass is that you get to keep the finished result looking stunning all year round regardless of the seasons. While real grass will require dedicated maintenance to keep it look good during the summer and winter months, artificial grass is extremely resistant to weather conditions like rain and wind, heat and cold. So you will never have a dull or damaged looking lawn when opting for artificial lawn.

synthetic grass looks good all year round

Save money on water bills

Synthetic turf doesn’t need water to stay vibrant and green. Having artificial grass installed instead of regular grass can help you save as much as 70% on your monthly water bill. Judging by the heat of summer in Perth, you can rest assure knowing your water bill won’t sky rocket in order to keep the lawn in tip-top condition.

fake grass will save on water bills


Apart from water reservation, using high quality artificial turf also proves to be a more sustainable landscaping option. In other words, you won’t need fertiliser to keep the lawn ready for the winter months, which is known to be harmful to the environment. Besides, there is no need to use carbon-emitting lawnmowers, which also helps you save energy and fuel. With natural lawn, pesticides may be required to help get rid of weeds and pesky bugs. Having a synthetic lawn will help you stay away from those harmful chemicals that may eventually find their way down your drains and perhaps river systems.

artificial lawn Perth is more sustainable

Less maintenance needed

Taking care of artificial lawn is easy with no mud and no mess involved. You can easily brush away all the dirt and grime on the artificial turf. Occasionally, a bucket of water is enough to remove mud or stains or when you feel like the artificial lawn really needs a scrub-down. No more routine trimming, mowing or weeding, which are associated with maintaining a natural lawn. This is also one of the major selling points of artificial grass, as you can just sit back, relax and use your free time for more pleasurable things in life.

artificial grass Perth requires less maintenance

Durable and Long-lasting

Durability is among the key characteristics of synthetic grass through which the turf often lasts around 15 years before replacement is required. It is also UV stabilised to prevent fading from extreme sunlight, and constructed in a way that enables the synthetic grass to dry out fast if exposed to rain. You won’t also have to worry about the turf being damaged or dull from garden bugs.

Artificial grass in Perth often comes with up to 10 years of warranty as offered by many companies, which is another incentive to give you peace of mind when choosing artificial turf.


Playground for kids and pets all year round

Imagine all the things your family could do on your backyard’s lawn. After a long play date with your children and pets, or perhaps an outdoor party, your natural lawn may not look the same, it could be very flat and muddy. You wouldn’t want that, would you? If this is the case, consider installing synthetic grass, which feels just as soft as real grass, and looks fantastic all year round. High quality artificial grass – like the one offered at Allscapes WA – is durable, soft and non-toxic, making it extremely safe around children and pets. It’s time to let your pets (especially dogs) run wild without worrying about them ruining the lawn.

artificial turf Perth is a great playground all year round

Given all the benefits of synthetic lawn over real lawn, it all comes down to personal preferences, your lifestyle and what works best for you. With those busy homeowners who don’t have the time for regular lawn upkeep, synthetic grass is definitely an appealing solution, which appears vibrant and healthy looking all year round with little maintenance needed. If you are looking for a reliable landscaper that installs quality artificial grass in Perth, give the team at Allscapes WA a call.

How Smart Landscaping Protects Your Home from Burglars

smart landscaping enhances home security

These days, home burglary and robbery incidents are all over the news, you won’t know if your home could be next. In saying that, there are things you could do to enhance the security of your home. Apart from installing cameras, clever landscaping design can actually stop unwanted guests from breaking into your home. Below are some smart landscaping tips to make your home more secure and beautiful.

1. Trim Bushes, Hedges, Shrubs

Bushes, hedges and shrubs normally create perfect hiding spots for burglars. It is recommended to keep your bushes length to three feet or less. Trimming them regularly will not only increase the overall visual appeal of your property, but also increase your visibility from your home to the street. Plant small bushes rather than giant ones if possible.

Trim Bushes, Hedges, Shrubs

Make sure you never leave any garden tools around in your yard as these can be used to break windows to gain access to your house. In case you are planning a getaway and no one will be at home, hire a garden mowing service to keep your natural lawn in tip top shape. A neglected or overgrown lawn may give intruders a clear signal that you are away and that it’s the perfect opportunity to invade the house.

2. Trim Trees

Trees provide shades and beauty to your property. However, overgrown trees with long limbs actually act as ideal entry points to your balconies or the upstairs windows. Make sure your trees are trimmed and planted as far away from your home as possible. Ensure the trees don’t block the street view from your entryways or windows as the more visible these areas from the street or a neighbor’s house, the less likely your house will be targeted by burglars.

Trim Trees

3. Plant Shrubs that have thorns

Another smart landscaping tip is to plant shrubs with thorns such as holly or rose. These make it hard for criminals to hide in your yard. Ensure they are not big enough to provide any hiding spots. These bushes and flowers can be planted near or under windows that are easy to get into. You can also plant a climbing rose on your fence to discourage burglars from breaking into your property.

rose shrubs

4. Use Gravel in Your Yard

Using gravel in landscaping can make a difference in keeping your home more secure. Simply pour gravel on your walkways, by the windows, back and side doors. This way, if someone walks on the gravel, the loud crunching noise will alert you.

Use gravel in the yard

5. Use Outdoor Lighting

Breaking into a house at night becomes much easier when there is no lighting around your home. Most homeowners often avoid outdoor lighting to save on electricity bills. But it is essential to install lights in your yard in a way that does not leave any prominent dark hiding spots.

Outdoor lighting
A popular lighting option is mount motion sensitive lighting. Having the lights installed in the front of the house will scare away intruders as they know they can be easily spotted. Consider mounting the lights near your entry doors, ground floor windows and at the back of your house to keep your house safe and secure at night.

6. Install privacy fencing

Privacy fencing is a great option to keep peering eyes and away from your home. Solid fences that are difficult to break through or climb over are ideal as discouraging thefts from intruding. There are many fencing options out there which not only beautify your home but also enhance your home security.

privacy fence

The above 6 simple landscaping tips can help prevent your home from being targeted by burglars. If you have any enquiries on how to keep your home more secure or need any assistance with smart landscaping design, don’t hesitate to contact Allscapes WA.

The Importance of Commercial Landscaping

commercial landscaping

Whether you’re dealing with a commercial office, a retail building or residential complex, maintaining an appealing exterior should always be a priority. Not only does a beautifully landscaped yard give off a positive impression of your business, it will attract and retain customers, tenants, and visitors. We’ve put together a list of commercial landscaping benefits:

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5 Landscaping Ideas for Instant Curb Appeal

tips for instant curb appeal

Typically, the front yard is the first thing people see when they visit or pass a home, and it truly can set the tone for the rest of the house. When it comes to landscaping and design, the backyard is often where the attention is focused, but the front yard shouldn’t be overlooked.

The curb appeal of a home can be a major factor in resale value, and so sprucing up the front of your house not only makes it look great, but can also be a solid investment. We’ve put together 5 landscaping ideas for instant curb appeal, to help you you make your front yard a functional, enjoyable and beautiful outdoor space. Continue reading

Choosing The Right Plants For Your Garden



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