We are fully experienced in all aspects of design and installation of artificial grass and turf in Perth. Our landscaping services offer expert advice in regards to artificial lawns and synthetic turf.

An increasingly popular alternative to lawn is artificial grass. Modern designs look very similar to real lawn but you’ll never need to mow, weed or water them and it will always look good! They’re lush and green all year round, durable, and require the lowest maintenance possible.

Artificial turf or synthetic grass is great for the family especially for allergy suffers and is very durable and sustainable as there are no need for nasty chemicals or fertilisers which seep into our water tables. Save time and money by reducing your water bill as artificial grass requires no watering and minimal maintenance.

Artificial grass is great for kids and pets as it’s soft and durable and feels like real grass! If you are considering artificial grass for your garden or landscaping project please contact us today.