6 Big Landscape Design Tips For Small Yards

Working a small outdoor space can be hard! But a small yard shouldn’t stop you from creating a beautiful, functional and inviting place. We’ve outlined 6 of our favourite landscaping  design tips for small yards.

These Are Our Hottest Landscaping Design Tips For Small Yards

1. Using Vertical Gardens Is A Great Design Tip For A Small Yard

Instead of planting horizontally, plant vertically! Vertical gardening is a method of growing plants on walls, and is a great way to get the most out of the space that you have. They also look great and offer a lot to your outdoor space.

When it comes to small yards, horizontal space is typically where we’re lacking. So maximize space by building up, making use of vertical space is a great way to create interest and de-clutter the floor.

2. Try Tiered Planters

As an alternative (or addition!) to vertical gardens, try tiered planters. Maximize your available ground space by using tiered or stacked planter boxes. Planters are great for flowers, herbs, and small plants and add great visual appeal to a yard of any size. Raising up your greenery will give your yard some spectacular height, acting as a pretty visual distraction from the lack of square footage.

3. Depth With Mirrors

You may not be able to physically change the size of your backyard, but you can definitely make it seem bigger than it actually is. How? Mirrors! Using mirrors outside is the perfect way to create depth and the illusion of space. Placing long mirrors horizontally is a great way to create length, and vertically a great way to create height.

Placing mirrors along your fences, walls or other flat surfaces so that they reflect greenery, will create a sense of openness and space.

4. Creating Different Zones

It might seem counter-intuitive to break up an already small space into even smaller spaces, but it works. In fact, breaking up open areas of space can actually make it feel larger. Creating clearly define zones in your backyard (such as dining, seating, lawn) introduce a lot of function into a relatively small space. Using things such as feature walls, screens, levels, steps and pathways can create the illusion of space and depth.

5. Make It Functional

Following on from the idea of zones is multi-functionality – the two go hand in hand.

When you’re short of space, it’s important to make the most of every aspect of your yard. A great way to do this is to give certain features more than one purpose. For example, a seating bench that doubles as a storage box. That way, you can create a beautiful, functional area, without taking up too much space.

6. Work With Perspective

When first glancing at a space, people tend to look at it as a whole. This is a sure-fire way to realize how little square footage there is. By working with perspective, you can change this. A great way to introduce varying perspective is to create strong focal points which direct the eyes.

Try installing a pathway through your backyard, either with pavers or stones. A pathway helps to define a clear sense of movement through an area and can really distract from the lack of space. If your yard is broken up into zones, have the path directing to each of these.

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