Commercial Landscaping Trends for 2019

2019 is in full swing, and now is the time to start thinking about your landscaping needs and the latest commercial landscaping trends. Why not make this the year that you give your outdoor area a makeover? This could be with a fresh new look, or a revamp of what is already in existence. When your customers and staff have something enticing to welcome them, it will change the mood within your business in a positive way. Remember, the front of the building is the first thing people will notice, and we all know first impressions count. In 2019 we will be seeing some new commercial landscaping trends, and here are a few of our favourites:

Our Favourite New Commercial Landscaping Trends;

Thoughtful Spaces

Planning your outdoor area properly is smart landscaping, and thoughtful spaces will be on trend this year. Low maintenance gardens which save on water are key, and one way to achieve this is by selecting plants which are native to the area. Proper drainage, recycled water and fake lawn can help to create a more efficient design. Innovations in technology have allowed for more efficient maintenance tools and reticulation watering systems. Look for plants which are evergreen, and those which don’t drop leaves to ensure your landscape is looking good all year round!

Bright Colours

In previous years we have seen leafy greens in focus, both indoors and outdoors. In 2019, we are looking to mix this trend up by enhancing them with much brighter colours. This is the time to add some fun to your commercial landscaping by adding plants with a little bit of wow factor. Be bold with pinks, reds or yellows, as a pop of colour is always cheerful and inviting. You can do this by adding pots, retaining walls and garden beds. Pair with lush green lawn or subtle pavers to create a sense of balance.

Keeping in Theme

When you decorate the interior of your workplace, it is important to keep it consistent with your brand. Colours, styles and furniture can all give the impression of the type of company you run. The same strategy can be used for your landscaping. You may want a clean, perfectly manicured garden to reflect a professional service, or a bohemian oasis for a more relaxed environment. Subtly add colours which match your logo to enhance your profile. Be sure to include somewhere to sit, so staff and customers can enjoy your new outdoor area.

Asymmetrical Designs

This year, say goodbye to straight lines as asymmetry is in! Ignoring old rules can be tough, but you can achieve this look by adding curves and eclectic placement of paths, gardens and lawns. Choose plants of varying heights and decide where the focal point should be, this is usually the entrance to your building. Asymmetry creates visual interest and is more relaxed and informal than a mirrored design. Please note, an asymmetrical design does require some planning as you want it to be intentionally artistic, not messy and unthoughtful!

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