Family Friendly Landscaping Tips

Whether you are planning a family or already have one, you will need to consider the design of your outdoor space. It should be an area which is both safe and fun, but this doesn’t mean you have to sacrifice on style. Here are our top tips for family friendly landscaping:

These Are Our Best Family Friendly Landscaping Tips

Plants For The Whole Family

When you have kids you will probably be time poor, so low maintenance or native plant varieties may be appealing to you. Look for those which don’t have spikes or poisonous berries. We also suggest keeping any sharp bushes trimmed to below (or above) eye level.

Lawn is popular for families as it gives little ones an open space to run, kick a ball, and play. When lawn is maintained it will create a safe play area, just remember a durable and hardy variety will be better for high levels of foot traffic. If you are conscious about water or want to skip the mowing, fake turf is another option worth considering.

If you are passionate about encouraging a healthy diet you can get your little green thumbs excited about gardening. Growing fruit trees and vegetables is an activity the whole family can participate in.

Accessories For Play

Instead of having toys throughout your outdoor area you may prefer to create a dedicated play zone. Depending on the ages of your children you could include a cubby, swings, trampoline, mud kitchen, or basketball ring.

Adding a fairy garden will be a fun feature and enjoyed by all ages, this is a project which will only be limited by your imagination!

A sandpit will keep them busy but they should be raked regularly and covered when not in use to keep them hygienic. This will also deter pets and wildlife. You can choose different designs which are subtle enough to complement your garden.

An Adult Retreat

If the kids are going to be outdoors an adult will likely be supervising. Consider a comfortable adult area as part of your family friendly landscaping. An outdoor kitchen, lounge, or table and chairs will make it more enjoyable for the older members of your household. Paving and a shaded area will be useful when entertaining, or for eating a meal outside when the weather is warm.

An undercover area can also be a place to set up a small blow up pool for the kids to splash around in while Mum or Dad relax.

Fencing Them In (Or Out)

Pool fences are a legal requirement in Perth, and should be checked regularly to ensure they meet safety requirements. In addition to fencing your pool you may like to consider retaining walls to protect your plants.

Pet owners may want to have the option of securing their dog in a specific area, especially if your children are young. A front fence will minimise the risk of your child escaping onto the road, and may be another item you add to your to do list.

At AllscapesWA we can help you bring your landscaping dreams to reality, while meeting all the needs of your family. Please contact us today for more information.

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