High ROI Garden Improvements for Raising the Value of Your Home

In order to get the highest possible sale price for your property it is important to create the right first impression for raising the value of your home. One way to do this is by tempting potential buyers with an appealing exterior. A home with an overgrown garden and walls which are in need of maintenance and a fresh coat of paint can be easily fixed to instantly add value.

With careful planning, some manual labour and small improvements you can potentially add thousands of dollars to the value of your home by tidying your garden and revamping the landscape. Here are some simple and creative ways to ensure that the overall layout, functionality and appearance of the exterior will lead to a high ROI (return on investment).

Here Are Our Best Tips On Raising The Value Of Your Home;

Tidy Up

Start by removing any rubbish, prune overgrown tree limbs, trim shrubs and pull out the weeds in the flower beds. Damaged trees which are planted too close to a home or building may be considered dangerous to the structure and will need to be heavily pruned or uprooted.

Remove all unsightly plant debris, shape scraggly bushes and don’t forget to neaten up the driveway, paving, decks and patio by pulling out weeds and doing some maintenance if required. Remember that any areas with dirty or leaf strewn paving, mossy patio stones or ugly cracked concrete can be an instant turn-off for potential buyers.

To prevent termites, ensure that you don’t have mulch or garden beds too close to wood around the foundations. Take the time to check that there is no overgrown vegetation blocking pathways or windows.

Practical Elements

Every house has those little necessities which can detract from the appearance of the garden. Think carefully about the positioning of essential practical elements such as an outside clothesline which should be both accessible and out of the way and keep the garbage bins out of sight (and smell).

Any enclosures and car parking spaces need a deep clean to remove any oil. Remember, trees and shrubs can obscure vision so give them a trim if required. If you have a front fence give it a coat of paint and replace the letterbox.

Lush Green Lawn

Families looking to purchase a home will most likely expect at least a small area of lawn for children to enjoy their outdoor games or to splash around under a sprinkler. A well maintained, lush looking lawn mowed to about 2 inches will impress potential buyers, so make sure that you rake out any dead grass and reseed areas with dry patches. A low maintenance alternative is artificial lawn which will have minimal weeds and won’t require any watering.

Add a Burst of Colour

If your garden is bare and lacking colour, look for hardy, low maintenance plants to add dashes of vibrancy and fill in the gaps to enliven the landscape. Choose some inexpensive, low maintenance, colourful annuals such as petunias or marigolds for the front of your home to instantly boost the curb appeal. You can add some fast growing ground cover plants to reduce weeds and bring a burst of colour. Create a focal point and instantly fill in barren areas with a few shrubs which have a high visual impact.

To tidy garden beds you can add a layer of inexpensive pine bark or eucalyptus mulch. Spruce up the patio, front or back porch and deck railings with some hanging baskets or pot plants.

Extra Maintenance

If you really want to make a good first impression, be sure to clean out those gutters, shine the windows, remove any cobwebs and hose down the screens.

Poorly maintained decks and patios will have a negative impact on the value of your home so be sure to clean and repair these areas for instant improvement. A new coat of paint or sealer will improve the overall appearance of your outdoor area.

A Professional Landscaper Will Help In Raising The Value Of Your Home

If the task is too overwhelming, a professional landscaper can help you gain equity in your home and recommend cost effective, low maintenance exterior features and gardening ideas that will appeal to buyers. If you would like help from the experts, or for any further advice for raising the value of your home, contact AllscapesWA today.