How to Create a Low Maintenance Garden

Maintaining a garden can be time consuming, costly and physically exerting. If you don’t have the passion for it, or a green thumb, it may feel as though the effort is more trouble than it’s worth. However, there are ways to have an outdoor oasis with a low maintenance garden. With these expert tips you will be able to enjoy your backyard, with very little work required. This is how to create a low maintenance garden.

Reconsider the Lawn

Lawn is high maintenance, with mowing, watering, fertilising and weeding all general chores you need to do in order to keep it looking lush. Instead, try pavers for a modern finish or artificial lawn if you want the look, without the effort. If having a patch of fresh grass is important to you, opt for a smaller area in a flat, rectangular shape for more efficient mowing. 

Pots, Pots, Pots

Pots can be mixed and matched and are a simple way to add some greenery and colour without the commitment. These can be moved around as desired, and even brought indoors during those frosty patches. Potted plants won’t grow any bigger than you want them too, and while they may still be prone to weeds, it won’t be as significant as in a garden bed. Hanging pots and climbing plants are popular options and will create a cottage feel.

Mulch It

Mulching your garden will help to prevent weeds and reduce the amount of watering required. There will be less erosion and mulch will give your plants a boost. The type of mulch you use will depend on your garden, but options include straw, bark, wood chips, gravel, sand and pebbles. Mulch can be a design feature while reducing the amount of time you invest on garden maintenance. 

Other Accessories

Your garden doesn’t have to be all about the plants. Go minimal on the greenery and add extra accessories such as pathways and arches. Your outdoor furniture can create a statement, and when done right you will only need a simple garden to complement the space. Retaining walls can be made in a range of materials to suit your home and can be used to make raised garden beds. 

Be Plant Smart

Choosing plants can be difficult, but if you are looking for low maintenance options native is generally going to be your best choice. Do your research and select plants which are the same variety and have a less is more approach. Low hedges work as a feature and won’t take much to upkeep. Perennials will last longer, and slow growing varieties won’t grow out of control. Avoid plants which require heavy pruning and consider options such as lavender as this is a popular low maintenance plant.  

Know Your Watering Needs

Regular watering takes time and can significantly add to your water bill. Drought tolerant varieties will be hardier once established, and you can choose those which are best suited to your area and soil conditions. Having a watering system installed with a timer will ensure your plants and any lawn gets the hydration they need, and you won’t have to remember to water!
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