Ideas for Landscaping Your Front Yard in Perth

Landscaping is an investment in your property and can dramatically increase the value of your home. When landscaping your front yard, not only will the curb appeal be improved, but it will give you something to enjoy every time you walk out the front door. The right type of landscaping will vary depending on a variety of factors. Read on for our top idea’s for landscaping your front yard in Perth:

Choose a Theme

Before landscaping can begin, take the time to plan the design. Brainstorm ideas and find images to determine your style. Having a theme will keep your front outdoor area consistent. Here are a few examples to get you started:

Those near the ocean may prefer a beach theme, incorporating pebbles, oversized rocks and sand coloured paving. If you would rather a natural look, opt for a native theme with plants and shrubs which are local to the area.

For a structured finish, Japanese gardens are popular with visual interests such as small bridges and statues. If colour is more your style, choose plants which are big, bold and bright, with roses, green grassy areas and a bird bath.

Consider The Environment

Where you live is going to determine the quality of the soil, and what can grow there. For example, coastal regions often have high levels of salt in the soil and this can limit your landscaping options.

Water restrictions may mean you need artificial lawn instead of the real deal. Be prepared to be flexible and choose the right front landscaping design, determined by the environment of your Perth home.

Find The Right Features

In addition to the right plants, features will add to your design. Retaining walls may be required, or you may like to utilise oversized rocks.

Perhaps the centre of your front yard will be a water feature or solar lights. Or, you may just like to implement some large pots for planting fresh herbs.

Go back to your theme and think about what would fit. Remember, this is your front yard so choose features which add to the design, rather than create a feeling of a cluttered space.

Think About Long Term Maintenance

There is no point in spending money on extravagant landscaping if you don’t have time to maintain it. Be realistic about your habits and whether you are prepared to spend your weekends gardening.

If the answer is no, choose a low maintenance style which requires minimal watering and a clean, finish. This can easily be achieved with smaller garden beds, pavers and rocky areas.

Function And Style

When planning your front landscaping in Perth, you need to consider the function as well as the style. A footpath needs to lead to the front door and act as a friendly welcome to your visitors. A footpath can be made in a variety of different materials, colours and styles.

Consider whether you want any additional shade and privacy, keeping in mind that concealing front windows can act as a cover for potential criminals.

Getting Started

Getting started is the hardest part, but once you have planned your theme and determined your budget the process can begin. If there is an existing garden which needs to be renovated then rubbish removal may be required.

Some items may need council approval to be either built (or removed) but we can guide you through the entire process.

Allscapes WA are experts in landscaping with over 35 years experience. We can assist you in the best tips for landscaping your front yard in Perth. Or for any other landscaping needs. To create the front yard of your dreams, contact us today for a free quote.