Keeping Gardens In Perth Alive Since 2010

Anyone who’s lived through a Perth summer knows the climate is hot and dry.  Keeping gardens in Perth alive, has always been a challenge. Many locals believe that spring is arriving earlier and hot conditions are lasting longer. This is great for many of our lifestyle pursuits, but with only an occasional summer storm, it’s not unusual for Perth to go weeks or months without rain. Combine the hot temperatures with the sandy soils on Perth’s coastal plains and you have the perfect recipe for dead or dying lawns and garden beds.

Our Tips On How We’ve Been Keeping Gardens In Perth Alive;


It’s not fear of washing… it’s how the professionals describe sandy soils which tend to be non-wetting or water repellent. In Perth we have some of the most hydrophobic soils in the world which means water doesn’t soak in and reach the roots of the plant, it simply runs off. Given that we pay for every drop of water that we use, hydrophobic soils are both inefficient and unsustainable. Enriching the soil and using a good surfactant-based wetting agent will help the water to penetrate. Installing an efficient watering system will help the water get to where it needs to be to do its job.

Reticulation Helps In Keeping Gardens Alive In Perth

Talk to any real estate agent and they’ll tell you that establishing a beautiful garden is a really cost-effective way of adding value and improving the street appeal of your home. Supporting the new landscaping with efficient garden reticulation will protect your investment while it becomes established. Proper reticulation or irrigation is more than installing a couple of sprinklers, it should be an integrated and controllable system, customised to the space and style of garden you are trying to create.

Integrated Watering Systems

Allscapes take a stepped approach to designing and installing a watering system which is configured to cope with the climate conditions you find in Perth. Before we start we develop an overall landscaping plan which takes into account the aspect of your home, the style of garden you want to achieve and the type of plants which will flourish and thrive.

Step 1 Soil preparation underpins everything you do the garden. If you start with good quality soil that can retain moisture and nutrients, your new garden will be off to a good start.

Step 2 Our professional garden reticulation system incorporates:
controllers that can be adjusted to accommodate seasonal adjustments
rain sensors to avoid wasting water
professional quality master solenoids and duel check valves to keep the system operating efficiently
water wise drip lines and sprinkler heads which use the least amount of water to maximum effect

Step 3 Once the reticulation infrastructure is in position, the exciting part starts with plant placement. There are literally hundreds of water wise plants you can choose from, and placed or grouped correctly, your new garden will start to take shape quickly. It’s important to remember that plants will grow and mature over time, so resist the urge to overplant.

Step 4 Mulch, mulch and more mulch… a good think layer of mulch suppresses weeds, keeps plant roots cool and locks in moisture by preventing evaporation. Mulch is essential element to every garden in Perth’s hot Mediterranean style climate.

Need Advice?

Allscapes are an experienced Perth based company that specialise in residential or commercial landscaping and reticulation. For advice about how to keep your garden alive in Perth, or for any of our reticulation services, contact us here.