Pet Friendly Landscaping Tips

When you have a pet they are a member of your family, and you will want to make your outdoor area a space which they can enjoy safely. Getting the balance right between making your landscaping both pet and people friendly can be achieved with some forward planning. Here are our top pet friendly landscaping tips for your furry friends:

Here Are Our Top 5 Pet Friendly Landscaping Tips;

Eliminate The Dangers

Puppies and kittens like to explore the world with their mouths, and this often means eating things they shouldn’t. If they do accidentally poison themselves it can lead to an expensive vet bill at 11:30pm on a Sunday night. If you have a pet who likes to eat plants, avoid toxic varieties. A few to look out for include lilies, ivy, sago palms, philodendrons, aloe vera, azaleas, daffodils and carnations. Other things to be aware of are mouse baits, fruit stones, garden mulch and fertilisers.

Pets Are Messy

When pets play outdoors they can be messy, and your landscaping choices can affect the amount of destruction they can do. Give them room to run, and consider paving near any doorways to avoid muddy paws running through the house. Depending on your pet and how determined they are, protecting your plants could be as simple as having a raised garden bed with a retaining wall. Footpaths will give them somewhere to run, and plenty of toys could distract them from any digging out of boredom. For dogs who like to bury their bones, a designated digging area might be the only solution. If you choose grass, go for a hardy variety which can withstand an active animal. Any lawn will require regular mowing and maintenance to prevent grass seeds which could potentially cause your pet discomfort.

Comfortable Surroundings

Your outdoor area should be comfortable for your pets, particularly if they will be spending the majority of their day outside. Shaded areas and shelter will be essential, as are floored areas which won’t get too hot underfoot. With hot summer days it doesn’t take long for little paws to burn. Look for materials which allow them to explore their surroundings without creating a mess – they may even enjoy a fresh water feature. You can create a specific area for your pets to play, noting it may take some time to establish new rules. Often pets can be clever escape artists, so your landscaping should include a high quality fence.

A Space Everyone Can Enjoy

When it is time to plan your landscape design you should always consider the function of your space. If you have pets you will need to take their needs into account to keep them comfortable and safe. Having an outdoor area which is safe for pets, and enjoyable for their human owners is possible. At Allscapes WA we are experienced in landscaping in Perth, and can assist you in creating an outdoor area which fits your specific needs. If you would like to chat with us about your project, we would love to hear from you. Get in touch with us today.