Artificial Grass

Artificial grass has become a popular choice for many of our clients

as it offers the same lush green appearance as real grass, but comes with very little maintenance. At Allscapes WA we are experienced in the design and installation of synthetic lawn in Perth. By choosing our landscaping services you will be gaining expert advice in regard to synthetic turf.


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    Why choose artificial grass

    Artificial lawn has a range of advantages when compared to traditional grass. It is a good alternative in areas with extreme weather conditions as it can easily withstand hot or cold climates. This fake turf will always look green, and there is no watering or mowing required. Think of all the money you will save on your water bills! There will be no need for irrigation and fertilizing and no prickles means it is always comfortable to walk on.

    Synthetic grass is well suited to areas which are prone to traffic and muddy feet. For example, near swimming pools, dog kennels and the front door. This will be a solution which is both pet and family friendly, and is like having a weatherproof carpet in your backyard. For those who suffer from allergies, you will find relief from your symptoms while still being able to enjoy the outdoors. At Allscapes WA we only use the highest quality synthetic grass which is soft, durable and realistic looking.

    How it works

    Before you have your artificial lawn installed, you will need to decide on the size, shape and layout of your area. Just like choosing a carpet, you have the option of different styles, shades, textures and thicknesses.

    After measuring the area, our expert landscapers will lay your new faux lawn onto a flat surface, this process generally takes 1-2 days depending on the size of the installation. Your new turf should last between 15-20 years, but this may vary according to the traffic it receives.

    Maintenance required

    Although synthetic lawn is low maintenance, there are a few things you need to be conscious of. It will require regular raking, at least once a month to keep it in optimal condition. Any leaves or debris need to be removed as they can promote weeds, and while they are rare, if you do spot any weeds it is important they are removed quickly to prevent spreading. You may prefer to use a leaf blower to keep the area clean and clear. Try to avoid cigarette butts and BBQ sparks and grime from falling onto your artificial lawn as it could cause permanent damage.

    How to purchase

    If you are considering artificial grass for your garden or landscaping project please contact us today for a free quote. We are able to do a standalone installation, or offer this as part of a much bigger project for your home or business exteriors. Artificial lawn may be slightly more expensive initially, but will pay for itself over time. This comes with additional guarantees, so you will be able to sit back and enjoy the view for many years to come.

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