Limestone Retaining Walls

Here in Western Australia, we are lucky enough to experience beautiful weather throughout most of the year.

It follows naturally that you’ll want to spend as much time in your home’s outdoor space as possible or to create a welcoming environment for your customers. Whether you are entertaining guests or simply relaxing with your family, you want your yard to be an area that is comfortable and inviting.

For businesses, you want your customers to have a positive first impression of your facility. One of the best ways that you can accomplish this is through stunning landscape design, and that’s where we come in.


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    Why choose a limestone retaining wall?

    A limestone retaining wall is appealing as a design feature, but this doesn’t mean it won’t be functional. Limestone blocks are strong and long lasting and will withstand the elements for many years to come.

    These blocks are the perfect size and mass for a retaining wall and their durability has made this sedimentary rock a popular choice for our customers. In many areas of Western Australia, the climate is warm and Mediterranean which is well suited to this building material.

    When using limestone it will generally be more cost effective than other options. It may feel like an investment, but it is low maintenance and will outlast many competing products. At Allscapes WA we pride ourselves on sourcing only the highest quality materials, and will work with you to choose the right solution for your soil conditions, environment and style preferences.

    A versatile material

    Limestone is a building material which is extremely versatile and has a variety of uses. While it is most often neutral in colour, there is the opportunity to choose different shades, or mix and match for a textured finish. The layout options are endless, it can fit in almost any area and the blocks come in a range of sizes. The different design choices and layout options are just one reason limestone retaining walls have become so popular.

    Eco-friendly advantages

    Limestone may not be made from recycled glass, but it is still eco friendly. Stone is a hardy material which lasts…and lasts making this a product which won’t need replacing any time soon. With so much waste in society, and low quality alternatives which consistently need repairing, when you invest in a retaining wall you are purchasing a product which will be there well into the future. This is better for the environment as you are not continuously having to replace it, nor are you contributing to landfill.

    Durable by nature

    It is no secret that stones are built tough, and limestone retaining walls are known for their quality and durability. With a harsh climate and sometimes unpredictable weather, limestone can withstand more than most. Limestone is heat resistant and fire resistant. In addition, it’s unlikely to grow mould and will remain intact in potentially wet areas.

    An attractive feature

    Limestone retaining walls are attractive and can be a subtle addition to showcase a garden, or a stand out feature based on its own merits. Limestone retaining walls can be created with different looks, including smooth and modern or rustic and ragged. These blocks can be used out the front as a fence to increase street appeal, to circle a garden bed or border a footpath complete with matching steps. Not all limestone walls look the same, this enables you to keep your sense of style while still having something which is timeless and classic.

    Value for money

    Limestone retaining walls may be slightly more expensive than some of the poorer quality alternatives, but the investment will be worth it. With a product which we know is durable and will last for many years to come, it is the smart choice. While other materials need replacing in the future, when done right this will stand firm.

    Will my home suit a limestone retaining wall?

    Limestone retaining walls have a natural appearance and give older, character homes a rustic finish when the textured surfaces are kept in tact.
    Newer, modern homes can still enjoy the benefits of limestone, but are generally more suited to cleaner, polished edges. Limestone is a versatile material and its density and range of sizes and styles will give you the look you want, while maintaining the structure of your landscaping. Keep in mind that these walls are generally light colours such as grey, white or yellow.

    Adding a retaining wall can change the function and style of your outdoor living area, and when done correctly will increase the value of your home. We will design the look and feel of your wall to suit your needs, it can even include additional extras such as steps, garden beds or seating.

    Your retaining wall can be built on a flat surface or a slope, there is something to suit every area and our experts can guide you through the best option for your space. Use your retaining wall as a feature in your garden, or as a more subtle addition to showcase your greenery

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