The Advantages Of Synthetic Grass In The Perth Climate

Our climate can be harsh in summer and maintaining traditional lawn can be a challenge. A popular alternative in Perth is synthetic grass as it has a number of advantages. 

As a water wise and low maintenance product, artificial turf could be the right choice for your outdoor space. Here are just some of the advantages of this innovative solution which is available for installation by AllscapesWA:

Synthetic Grass Is Low Maintenance

Synthetic grass requires very little maintenance, making it ideal for anyone who leads a busy lifestyle. Once this has been professionally installed you can sit back and enjoy your outdoor space without ever having to mow or thatch. 

Your fake lawn will be resistant to weeds, and it will be only on the rare occasion that you have to pull them out. Your lawn will be one less maintenance task you have to worry about in the hot Perth climate.

Synthetic Grass Is Water Wise

More people are becoming conscious of their water usage, and synthetic grass is a water wise solution. There will be no need to stand outside watering on a summer’s evening, and you will be able to go on holidays without any negative impact on your lawn.

Your artificial turf will look lush and green all year round without ever using a sprinkler or having to install a reticulation system.

Synthetic Grass Is Family Friendly

Synthetic lawn is suitable for the whole family. This child and pet friendly product is always soft underfoot and can be used around cubbies and playgrounds for play in any weather.

If you have a swimming pool, artificial turf is a smart addition to the area. It is durable and tolerant to pool chemicals and has excellent drainage properties. Additionally, having a splash of green will complement any paving or decking.

Synthetic Grass Has No Ongoing Costs

The initial investment of your synthetic lawn installation in Perth will quickly be recouped as there are no ongoing costs. With UV resistant properties a good quality product won’t fade, and your artificial turf should last approximately 20 years before needing to be replaced.

When you compare this to traditional lawn you should consider the continual costs such as lawn mower fuel and maintenance, water, and weed and feed products. 

Synthetic Grass Requires No Chemicals 

If you are conscious of the environment or sensitive to different solutions, you will be pleased to know synthetic lawn doesn’t need any harsh chemicals.

Say goodbye to fertilisers and weed killers and always have an outdoor area that is safe for bare feet, children, and pets to play on. 

Making The Right Choice

Choosing artificial turf for your landscaping project is a personal decision but there are numerous advantages. This is a water wise, low maintenance solution that is suitable for the whole family. 
With no chemicals and no ongoing costs, your durable and UV resistant synthetic grass will look just like new for many years to come.

At AllscapesWA we offer premium synthetic lawn to our customers in Perth. To learn more please contact us today.