What Are The Best Plants To Go Around Your Pool?

Your swimming pool should be the centrepiece of your outdoor oasis, and plants can be strategically placed to complement the space. Unless you are a green thumb, choosing plants for your garden can be difficult at the best of times, but when it comes to your pool area it can be even more complicated as there are a range of extra factors to consider. So, how do you decide what are the best plants to go around your pool?

At Allscapes WA we can choose the right plants for your outdoor area and offer professional landscaping design and services. We can combine your plants with other elements including retaining walls, brick paving or timber decking.

Tips On The Best Plants To Go Around Your Pool Area;

The Location And Environment Affect What Plants Should Go Around Your Pool.

Before choosing plants to feature around your pool, it is important to consider environmental factors. In addition to the weather and type of soil, the location of your pool will dictate how likely your plants will be to flourish.

If your pool is heated, it can raise the humidity in the surrounding areas and tropical plants may be a good option if the area is free from frost. Additionally, the water and pavers might be reflective, and if your pool is in full sunlight your plants will need to be able to withstand the heat.

The Right Types Of Plants

A swimming pool and its surrounds can be subject to significant foot traffic, and chlorine or salt can be splashed around to the detriment of your greenery. Something hardy and easy to maintain is essential.

Choose something which won’t overhang or drop leaves, berries or nuts into your pool as you will be forever cleaning them up. This means avoiding varieties such as honeysuckle and acacia and taking the added precaution of using a pool cover. Plants with large leaves with a leathery texture are generally durable and are visually appealing around water.

Fit For A Purpose

Some plants are purely for looks while others serve a purpose. When choosing plants decide whether you want a shaded area, or shrubs for screening and privacy. Don’t plant trees too close to the pool, or around fencing as it could pose as a safety hazard in assisting children to climb. Stay away from trees with large roots or anything which requires consistent pruning.

If plants are purely for aesthetics, try adding oversized pots which can be moved around as desired. Citrus trees work well as they don’t require too much care and you will be able to enjoy your harvest.

Varieties To Look For

Choose varieties which aren’t prone to pests and don’t have prickles. This could include succulents, ornamental grasses or even bamboo. Agave is popular as is aloe, and the latter is particularly useful in soothing skin if you do get sunburnt.

Bull Banksia, Blueberry Ash, and Native Fuchsia are all options which could work. Our best advice is to consult with an expert who is familiar with the climate and can assess the soil conditions.

At Allscapes WA we can bring your pool landscaping dreams to a reality. If your outdoor area needs an overhaul, please contact us today for quality results and excellent customer service. We’ll do the hard work for you, and design an area filled with the best plants to go around your pool, as well as other landscaping services.