What Type Of Brick Paving Is Right For Your Project?

Brick paving is popular due to durability and design possibilities. They can be modern or traditional in style and add value to your home. When choosing a style of brick for paving, it is important to consider whether it was made for this purpose. Bricks designed for paving are stronger and harder in order to withstand foot traffic. At Allscapes WA, we are experienced in creating brickwork in a variety of outdoor areas. We can advise you on the right paving for your project, no matter where it will be placed.

Some Of The Options Available For Brick Paving Include:

Swimming Pool Areas

Brick paving will be resistant to chlorine and can withstand high temperatures from the sun. While brick pavers won’t fade, they still need to be sealed to avoid discolouration. They are suitable for placement around swimming pools, but are often used as a feature or border combined with other styles of pavers.

Your choice of brick will depend on your home, but a lighter colour such as cream will give your pool a holiday destination feel. These bricks should be smooth, but not too slippery, and easy to walk on in bare feet.

Entertainment Areas

Regardless of what type of paving you have installed in your entertainment area, it will make a big difference to the appeal of the space. Brick paving is relatively inexpensive and can give a clean, crisp finish.

There are a wide range of colour choices for paving bricks, allowing you to create a look which is right for your home. A cottage might suit a rustic brick, while a new homeowner may choose something sleek and clean. When installed in a pattern or by using two different tones, it will give you added texture and a visual interest. Grey bricks are on trend, and a border which gives a clash between dark and light is modern yet timeless.

Brick Paving For Driveways

When using brick pavers for driveways, they need to be laid correctly to ensure they are able to withstand the weight of any vehicles. It is recommended a herringbone pattern is used as this will increase the strength of your driveway. Once again, there are various options for colours and design.

For an older house packed with character, a brick driveway can be laid to look as though it has been there for years, while newer homes can opt for a more modern style brick. Regardless of your taste it will be noticeable from the road and when done right, will be the envy of your neighbours!

Walkways And Pathways

Your brick footpath should complement your home and any other surrounding pavers. It can be used to break up a lawn area or garden bed. Your path may be a stand out feature, or a subtler design which blends in with the landscape.

This won’t be a wide area, so you can be creative with your design and brick pattern choices. Darker brick pavers will match the environment, while lighter shades will create a central focal point.

If you are looking for professional quality brickwork or other styles of brick paving in WA, we can help. Please contact us for more information.